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str8locoweirdo   Posted 5th Jan 2006 2:56am
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What do I type to put a picture in a thread and how what do I type quote someone.
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LordSeafood   Posted 5th Jan 2006 4:29am
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To place images in a post use the [ img][ /img] tags (without the spaces)
and it should look something like this [ img][ /img] (again without the spaces)

(quote me to see it in text form)

To quote someone there is a quote button at the top of thier post or if you want to do multiple quotes use the tags
[ quote]Im simply Quoting[ /quote](without spaces)
Im simply Quoting

If you would like to say who your are quoting you put
[ quote=person]Im now quoting a person[ /quote] (without spaces)
Quoting person
Im now quoting a person

Hope that helps

[edit]Also if you need to upload the pic you wish to show ImageShack is a good pic uploading site[/edit]
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General_187   Posted 5th Jan 2006 4:43am
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Use the imageshack link and upload a file to their site.. it will give you the right coding for putting the image onto L4Y. You just have to copy and paste that. Also, if you look above each persons post.. there is a quote button that you can hit and it will automatically take you to a new post and have the "quoted" persons text for you all ready to go.
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str8locoweirdo   Posted 6th Jan 2006 8:16pm
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