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General_187   Posted 4th Jan 2006 7:41am
L4Y Member
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Ultimate Showdown!!! I had to post this! You'll all love it!
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Ugly Donkey   Posted 4th Jan 2006 8:52am
L4Y Member
Post 444 / 843

wow...i think im going to go lmao for an eternity
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Mostertman    Posted 4th Jan 2006 10:00am
Post 938 / 2820
Yeah Funny one
MasterBETA   Posted 4th Jan 2006 3:58pm
L4Y Member
Post 394 / 487

I think it is awesome that they included "Cowboy Curtis" as being an ultimate showdown contender!!
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MAXPAYNE4664   Posted 4th Jan 2006 7:59pm
L4Y Member
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LOL but i already seen it..... Cathcy song though
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goober   Posted 4th Jan 2006 8:07pm
L4Y Member
Post 1540 / 265

that is a cool thingy, i might try my hand at FlahsMX soon and make something for L4Y...
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Predalienator_   Posted 5th Jan 2006 12:22am
L4Y Member
Post 760 / 1532

LOL.Chuck Norris kicked Indiana Jones in the crotch
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