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SKA-Diesel   Posted 3rd Jan 2006 9:06am
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I had a DVD/CD writer drive, then I got an Emprex DVD writer drive for Christmas. I installed it and it seemed to be fine. But now when I try to run Call of Duty 2 the drive doesnt seem to recognise it

In the meantime I installed The Matrix: Path of Neo (cheesy game) and it works fine... then last night I tried to install The Movies game and again it didn't seem to recognise it.

If I go to My Computer when COD2 or The Movies is in the drive it just locks up when I try exploring the DVD-RW drive.

Any help would nice... or should I just return the dvd writer?
 Genxer    Posted 3rd Jan 2006 9:50am
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Check weather the PC is displaying the correct name in device manager and in my computer for your drive. ie: DVD/CDRW / DVDRW etc
Spikey2005   Posted 3rd Jan 2006 11:21am
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Try these following Steps before you attempt to take the DVD-RW drive back to the shop.

1) Double check the IDE cables or USB cable and make sure its connected properly.

2) Check the pins on the back of the DVD drive for the IDE cable, and make sure there is no bent ones.

3) (You say that when you explore the DVD drive with an CD in it) If Windows says that Explorer has encounted an error and needs to shut down, Send an error report to microsoft (If enabled) to see if theres any other issues involving your same issue.

4) Make sure that the Latest drivers are installed for your device. If it is still showing the same problem, try uninstalling the DVD drive, Reboot and see if Windows will automatically install your device. (CD may be required if SP2 is not installed)

5) If you are suffering the same problem as I am, where your games and programs don't install, Take a sledge hammer to your computer and buy a new motherboard .
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Paul_Landers   Posted 3rd Jan 2006 4:20pm
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I had a simalar problem with an CD-RW drive, which was a piece of crap, the problem was the drive (an I/O Magispin). My recommendation is to get a well know brand, ie. Memorex, LG, NEC, Sony, ect.

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