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Calibur   Posted 2nd Jan 2006 6:43pm
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As we head into next-gen territory this year, and seeing the specs and abillities of the new consoles, I've been thinking, things like hard drives and internet connections give the potential to create and release mods for console games. In paticular the online functions of consoles support this. Obviously connectivity would allow tools, mods to be uploaded/downloaded. But even if no company or (good soul) decided to release tools that could be used on console, the potential for uploading game files to your own computer for editing is there. Piracy is an issue, yes, but the potential is incredible don't you think?

Look at Timesplitters, you can create multiplayer and story maps. It doesn't have the abilities of, say, MaxED 2, but it is a step forward.

What do you think? And what console game would you mod, if you could?
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