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NoClanFrank    Posted 1st Jan 2006 4:43am
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Well I decided to fire up my server and even give you the rotations to what files will be run on them. I will be running the rotation for a couple of days. Anybody wishing to join is welcome. I even uploaded a map pack for your convenience. Then again most of you should already have these maps.

You can download the map pack here: Franks_New_Years_Rotation <--Link

Now for those that don't want to download the whole thing, here is the rotation and file names:

DM - MF All Around The World 2
DM - RTS-Nick at Nite (MAC Friendly only available in the map pack)
DM - City of Sorrow
DM - World of Cubes 2
DM - KOZ Camelot
DM - CliffSideNights
DM - Cold Fusion
DM-IslandJam (MAC Friendly & no PC looping music only availalabe on map pack.)
DM - Installation XJ15 2 LOVERS
(The following are not in the map pack)
DM-Deck 16
DM-Silent Souls
DM-NC-Tactics 2

No music files were not included to minimize the file size but at the same time some were replaced with lower quality sound rate. Some of the levels are now MAC friendly, you can thank Hapa Hana for that. He is the MAC guru, who should buy a freaking PC. Have fun and enjoy.
Nothing is disabled, so if you don't like the weapons in the levels, blame the authors, not the servers!
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Molodiets   Posted 1st Jan 2006 6:44am
L4Y Member
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Good rotation, frank. The 2 most expected maps of the late year 2005 are here, along with alltime classics.

I was thinking. Maybe you could run for a little bit time, all the dm maps of the latest update. That way, every mapper would have his map run on a dedi once and he would have the oportunity to play his map with other players. Each map would have a minimum ammount of publicity.
The idea would be for you to make a new rotation after each RF update with the latest maps. Running the server for 6 hours could be enough. People that want to play new maps would join and people who made one of those maps would probably join too.

Well, maybe i'm an utopist.It's difficult to find players when you run custom maps but if, in addition, you constantly change them for the newest...
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Tech_N9ne   Posted 1st Jan 2006 8:49am
L4Y Member
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Quoting NoClanFrank

Good choice

Been about year since my last RF game, might fire it up (even though I only get 9 fps on this POS)

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Many of the victim family save they ashes ...
RF Grim Reaper   Posted 1st Jan 2006 12:23pm
L4Y Member
Post 403 / 902

Great line-up frank

Thats quite a good idea molo, very few people get their maps played on servers, myself included lol
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goober   Posted 1st Jan 2006 1:28pm
L4Y Member
Post 1488 / 265

i might be out there, is anyone there right now???
I map stuff. Sometimes.
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Kirby is cool   Posted 1st Jan 2006 1:59pm
L4Y Member
Post 1 / 26

I'll be there in a few if you wanna game.
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mad_ferrit   Posted 1st Jan 2006 2:59pm
L4Y Member
Post 1132 / 1510

Nice rotation... I'll have to pop on for a few frags at some stage

NoClanFrank    Posted 1st Jan 2006 6:34pm
Post 1988 / 5840
RF Grim Reaper I just woke up to see this on the server:
CerdoComePene: i think that grim reaper is using cheats
CerdoComePene: I THINK
<L-S>Grim Reaper: what makes you think that?
Mr. Pink{HSN}: gg
<L-S>Grim Reaper: gg
CerdoComePene: because you kill everybody

Then you all got kicked because you didn't have the map. That's not the funny part, the funny part is that you were getting accused of cheating.
I always liked DM-ColdFusion, it's a cool rail map. I did however changed the music on it. Now I listen to some old school song. I believe the name of it is "clear" by ? (I'm not on my PC with the Mp3s so I can't think of it.)
The server will be up for another 2 days.
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RF Grim Reaper   Posted 1st Jan 2006 7:27pm
L4Y Member
Post 404 / 902

Lol, yea that was quite funny. Was gonna comeback with some witty comment too!

You don't like Nightwish Frank? Blasphemy! Hehe
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NoClanFrank    Posted 1st Jan 2006 7:30pm
Post 1990 / 5840
I've added links to the maps that are in the rotation. Just look at my first post. WOOHOOO there are 8 players right now. Wouldn't you know it, it's a default map.
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mad_ferrit   Posted 2nd Jan 2006 12:47pm
L4Y Member
Post 1135 / 1510

Had a good laugh in there yesterday.. was my longest RF session for many months! Should do it again soon
Kirby is cool   Posted 2nd Jan 2006 5:16pm
L4Y Member
Post 2 / 26

I had a great time in there Frank yesterday. It was one of my longest RF sessions I ever had. I hope to do it again soon.
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NoClanFrank    Posted 2nd Jan 2006 5:32pm
Post 1994 / 5840
Do it again? The server is still up. It's the longest I've played Red Faction as well. Even Cat_Man_Do reinstalled the game and played yesterday. He had reformatted and never re-installed the game until yesterday.
Thanks to all that showed up. Red Faction was is tons of fun.
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Killbot4k   Posted 2nd Jan 2006 6:24pm
L4Y Member
Post 23 / 59

I had a great time. It was pretty fun, and I got to own once! (But I forgot to take a screenshot ,and It was only by a couple of points )
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Kirby is cool   Posted 2nd Jan 2006 6:42pm
L4Y Member
Post 3 / 26

Lol really? Argh I said the wrong words. Fixed. Yes Red Faction will always be fun for a long time coming.
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KERPAL   Posted 3rd Jan 2006 12:28am
L4Y Member
Post 252 / 1353

I had a really great time in there, I also got to play on mad_ferrit's AATW2 for the first time.
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