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Tech_N9ne   Posted 1st Jan 2006 8:43am
L4Y Member
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Hmm..good grades, good girlfriend, enjoyable life...

...all in all, pretty good year.

Heres to another great year
... War of the masses, the outcome, disastrous,
Many of the victim family save they ashes ...
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AnArKi   Posted 1st Jan 2006 1:40pm
L4Y Member
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Hey,new year,new start!
Got a Job interview at 6pm tonight for the managers position at my local pub. If I get it ,it means I can quit the stupid night shift at the hotel Im working at! YaY

Quoting NoClanFrank
Sorry to hear that the censored left you. I think the problem with her is that maybe you were a bit too nice, they claim they want somebody nice but in the long run most of them want an A-H_-_.

So true my friend!
She (Sophie) suffers from Bipolar disorder and hasnt been able to take her tablets since she was pregnant. She was fine untill the day I moved to Norwich. (She moved up there 2 weeks earlier,while I worked my notice) The day I got there,she had changed completely. I couldnt talk to or touch her without her flinching away. I tried for 5 days to work through it,but in the end became very depressed myself and had to get away before I did something silly. Since then,Ive tried to contact her,but she just doesnt want to know me.
Im still in contact with her Gran on a regular basis,and she is keeping me informed about the pregnancy.
Maybe I should have been an A hole and treated her like turd. We'd probably still be together then lol.

Back on topic,well sort of....

any new years resolutions???

Im going to try and stop smoking (again! )
And Im going to turn a bit of fat (my love handles) into muscle. (I did it about 3 years ago,but then kinda put it back on with the beer)
The happiest of people don't necessarily
have the best of everything;they just make the most of everything that comes along their way.  
The_Doc   Posted 2nd Jan 2006 10:19am
Stargate Worlds
L4Y Member
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It's a bit late, but i worked New Years eve/day. Which was very annoying!


This year has been ok, could of been a hell of a lot better, but i won't go into it, as it will most likely be a page long

My new years resolutions are:
Work harder in college
Stop all my bad habits
Sort things out with Step-dad
Assaultman67    Posted 3rd Jan 2006 3:13am
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mine new years resoultion:

change brakes on car DONE

Blow out my stupid PC DONE

learn UT 2k4 Editor some of it i know, but NOT enough

learn CAD

do good in college ...

(im setting myself up for failure!!)
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SkipRat    Posted 3rd Jan 2006 3:35am
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Quoting goober
why is this in UT04 and not main L4Y forums??

Its just whatever section of the site the person was on when they started the thread. its still the main lounge. tsk tsk i thought you would of known that.

I had a okay new years.

Diddnt get let into a pub that ive been drinking in since i was around 15 years old. that kinda put a downer on the night.

Being that im now 20

Meh anyway "Happy new year"
KERPAL   Posted 3rd Jan 2006 3:49am
L4Y Member
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Yay, Happy New Years everyone! because my new years SUCKED!
I had to go to my stoopid relatives house and it was hella CENSORED and boring.
But I guess I had a good 2005, Didn't we all?
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Mostertman    Posted 3rd Jan 2006 10:14am
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Happy new years to everyone at this site! I hope you'll have a good and healthy 2006

and Congratulation AnArKi I'm sure you are gonna have a great moment in 2006
Assaultman67    Posted 5th Jan 2006 2:27am
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Quoting KERPAL
... hella CENSORED ...

youve been watching too much South Park ...

ive started to work on my new years resolutions already ... played with CAD and printed out some tutorials for CAD and UT2K4 too.
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goober   Posted 5th Jan 2006 6:44pm
L4Y Member
Post 1547 / 265

my resouloutions:
Learn more HTML (partly done)
Learn Flash (done)
LEarn UnrealED (started)
Finish my new RF run map (almost done)
Put up with the girlfriend (not a chance )
Do better in school (doing...)

thats about it... ill probably think of more later
I map stuff. Sometimes.
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LordSeafood   Posted 5th Jan 2006 11:09pm
L4Y Member
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Quoting goober
thats about it... ill probably think of more later

Ummmmm ... your supposed to have thought of them by new years
P.S. Still Alive.    
AmonUilos   Posted 6th Jan 2006 5:09am
L4Y Member
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The only good thing of 2005 was going to high school. Pretty much everything else sucked. There were a few pretty cool things (like my new cat, who I like to call Snupling ) but quite a bit of it was pretty horrible. Here's hoping that 2006 will be better!    Modified Jan 6th, 05:12am by AmonUilos
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