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CommanderViper   Posted 31st Dec 2005 4:46pm
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I'd say Final Fantasy X (almost) made me cry with that really, really sad ending (not to mention Tidus' really bad taste in clothing).
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Tech_N9ne   Posted 31st Dec 2005 6:07pm
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Quoting Cptchaos
World of Warcraft is a feeling

Yes, that unforgetable feeling of death from over-exposure.
... War of the masses, the outcome, disastrous,
Many of the victim family save they ashes ...
DoomDaddy84   Posted 6th Jan 2006 7:30am
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I was in my early teens... I was playing (sniffle,sniffle) Underworld:Stygian Abyss... That was the first tine I killed an innocent person in a game... I felt so bad afterwards I had to...
start the game over. Now I like to kill the workers that give me lip in DooM3, so I think I've come a long way!
Ender   Posted 6th Jan 2006 8:32am
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Advert rising for me such a good game
perwer   Posted 6th Jan 2006 11:23am
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Quoting Aksel3
Traveling through Azeroth in World of Warcraft, makes me emotional

AAAh Yea !

But arent we forgetting the game that touches everyone ? THE HALF-LIFE SERIES!
Err, uumh.. AAAH, What the HECK!!
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DoomDaddy84   Posted 7th Jan 2006 1:51am
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Half-Life Totally. Blood 1 and 2 for me. Oh yea, and Tex Murphy Under A Killing Moon. Daggerfall. Strife. Powerslave. Catacombs Of The Abyss. Ok, I've probably lost everyone, time to stop talking about old obscure StoneKeep, Jill Of The Jungle, Commander Keen, Halloween Harry, Realms Of Chaos, TekWar, Sango Fighter, Rex Blade, Ecsatica, Specre, Quiver, Hover, Operation Body Count, Alien Trilogy, That old Star Wars wireframe game, System Shock, Fade to Black, Crusader No Remourse/No Regret, CyberMage, CornCob 3d. OK, that's enough.

JimmyCognitti   Posted 7th Jan 2006 3:19am
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The first time I blew away a leg and watched the bad guy scream on the floor in Soldier of Fortune (the first one, because SoF2 SUCKS) was really memorable and priceless
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DoomDaddy84   Posted 7th Jan 2006 3:45am
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My favorite in that game was shooting them in the groin,Oh Yeah! That must hurt!
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Bjossi   Posted 8th Jan 2006 3:18am
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I cared for my character in Red Faction and System Shock 2. There is something about the atmosphere of these two games.
Also I care for Gordon Freeman´s and Richard B. Rid CENSORED ´s wellbeing in the games.
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The_Doc   Posted 8th Jan 2006 5:10am
Stargate Worlds
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King Kong is a emotional game/movie. King Kong died just because he loved the girl and tried to protect her
SkipRat    Posted 8th Jan 2006 8:19am
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Quoting MistaAnderson
Final Fantasy 7

I knew Aeris was going to die, yet it still affected me seeing it. Also the final (3) fights with Sepiroth....much relief & satisfaction after beating him.

Best. RPG. Evar.

RJ   Posted 8th Jan 2006 8:28pm
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For me:

- max payne 1
- max payne 2
- Rainbow Six: Lockdown
When weber's chopper was taken down and he was taken hostage, I really hope'd he'd survive. Thanks to my 1st person shooter skills (not the best, but good enough) I managed to save him
- Diablo II: Not only the gameplay but the story touched me really. Seeing Tristram after Diablo's roam didn't shock me, but gave me the feeling of "....what a shame"
- GTA3, I didn't really got touched by it but heck I enjoyed the cutscenes n story n all.
- Fable, for me this is the best 3rd person SLASHER that ive played, I find it so amazing that some artists manage to continue the story without letting the lead character say a damn word. And I didn't expect the mother to be sacrificed afterall, makes me feel that whole rescue mission for her was done for nothing....for christ sake, they shaved off all my hair in that prison, CENSORED
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