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  Unreal Tournament 2004 : Lounge : Need mappers for republic commando [Forum Rules]  

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neomorpheus   Posted 30th Dec 2005 4:24am
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Do you own republic commando, played it and loved it?

Well for those who don't know the game is made with the unreal engine and is highly modable in my opinion.

there is a small group dedicated to the game but nothing new is showing up.

i am thinking of building a website to try to have people come up with new content for republic commando since there is no news upfront about a sequel it would be nice is people would mod a bit in the meantime a game comes up.

what do you think.

sypher   Posted 6th Jan 2006 7:43pm
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mod why mod in my ex on rf i guess ut2004 is the same i found a modder i donno really i seen him shot like 5 rockets but i didnt care i dont even know how to mod or map i would like it is someone was to show me how to map 4 ut2004 plz
goober's textures!!!! JUST SAY I DIDNT KNOW!MY CLANS FORUMS!!!    

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