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Mriswith   Posted 30th Dec 2005 2:57am
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Every time I download HMT and extract it, it gives an error and says the application failed to initialize properly. I've downloaded it from about 5 other sites and they all do the same thing. Could some one help me with this?
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Demolitoner   Posted 6th Jan 2006 1:09am
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If you have windows xp (most people do), then make sure it is completely updated and you have "Microsoft.NET framework" and the hotfix for it. If not, then goodluck I sped up this awesome song to sound funny =D    
Mriswith   Posted 7th Jan 2006 11:18pm
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Yeah, that done it. Putting the newest Microsoft.Net Framework version on my computer fixed it. Thanks for the help.
tehuber1337   Posted 11th Jan 2006 5:39am
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how do you put the newest framework version on your pc
Saikou   Posted 11th Jan 2006 7:02am
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Using Windows Update should update your version of the .NET framework, but alternatively you can download it from microsoft directly:
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