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yanchen   Posted 26th Dec 2005 9:14am
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what is so good about xbox360??? i know grathic is better but thats about it. my friend told me that xbox 360 can let u play ps2 games. and all of the systems are sold out in store500$!!!!! and others sell them on eaby for 1000$!! crazy gamers.
MAXPAYNE4664   Posted 26th Dec 2005 5:09pm
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Whats so good about the XBOX360? Hmm..well for one thing it has good graphics, but not ALL the launch titles' game graphics will impress you except some games like Project Gotham Racing 3, Call of Duty 2, and maybe Dead Or Alive 4. But a ton a people said that their 360s broke down and overheated. So if you're going to buy the xbox360, just wait a little bit longer. I'm gonna buy one in Spring lol
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133   Posted 26th Dec 2005 8:16pm
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Think of it as a cheap computer, but expensive console. There is probably a way to play PS2 games, someone just needs to discover how or create a way. Anyone who has modded and Xbox would be your best bet for information of getting the most out of the 360. Also, a few of the first generation Xbox 360's have been burning out easily, and if you have you're 360 standing and it tips over onto it's roof, it WILL NOT read ANY kind of disc AT ALL. Knocking it over onto its roof from a standing position screws with the laser.

If you're going to get an Xbox 360, try to get the premium one. For the extra hundred bucks, you'll get the ethernet cable, a wireless contoller, a headset, component HD AV cable and the removable hard drive (a prerequisite for backwards compatability and a hundred bucks by itself!). For an extra hundred dollars the premium system is a steal.
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OutlawSkot33    Posted 26th Dec 2005 8:34pm
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XBOX 360 is a badass system, just right now, WAIT. dont spend money on it until Microsoft fixes all the problems. They need to do a recall....

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