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Mostertman    Posted 25th Dec 2005 10:18pm
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Its released, still need to take a look myself:

edit: just played the alpha version it looks absolutly GREAT!, It looks better than the old Golden Eye, and i think it looks better than HL2. these guys have done a great job so far.
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mad_ferrit   Posted 26th Dec 2005 12:40am
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Well i did submit some news about this... but... still waiting...

Head on down to the GE:S Forums and tell us what you think
sobe    Posted 26th Dec 2005 1:41am
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News accepted 88MB... Not too bad.

I got back tonight The next HL2 L4Y update will include the GE Source Alpha client and server for download.
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Snake99 Posted 28th Dec 2005 10:13am
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Mostertman    Posted 28th Dec 2005 10:49am
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What did he do with his first 10 posts ?
beeing Censored allready.
goober   Posted 28th Dec 2005 6:01pm
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Quoting Mostertman
What did he do with his first 10 posts ?
beeing Censored allready.

i have like 1400 more posts than him, and im not TUed *yet *
I map stuff. Sometimes.
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mad_ferrit   Posted 29th Dec 2005 8:15pm
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Was there any need for that spam? Do you even have Half-Life 2?

Also... why did you not moderate his post for him at least?
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