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MAXPAYNE4664   Posted 26th Dec 2005 11:33pm
L4Y Member
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I got 20 bucks and a gift card to Old Navy...and the PSP.
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LordSeafood   Posted 27th Dec 2005 12:03am
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I got a new HDD (about a month ago ... needed it so i got it as an early Xmas present), my football teams jersey and a new mouse and i couldnt be happier with them
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KERPAL   Posted 27th Dec 2005 12:18am
L4Y Member
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I got:
An iPod nano
a Pink floyd sweater
abunch of t-shirts and sweaters
The Best of Motorhead CD
Led Zeppelin IV CD
and a best buy gift card along with abunch of money from relatives.
Tech_N9ne   Posted 27th Dec 2005 12:23am
L4Y Member
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I got the Family Guy Box Set

and a new Grill

o0o0, cant forget about the Hawkeye Gear too!
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goober   Posted 27th Dec 2005 1:20am
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i like family guy as much as the next person (although i think that rip alot of their content from the simpsons...) but, i was extremly disappointed with the movie... i just didnt like it. had some funny parts like all movies, but i dont think it was worth making...
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MAXPAYNE4664   Posted 27th Dec 2005 1:54am
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Yea i agree. The Family Guy series is wonderful and all but i didnt enjoy the movie as much as the tv series. Well anyways, The Simpsons used almost all the ideas already, leaving none for Family Guy and there is also going to be a Simpsons movie after the series finale of the show.
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NoClanFrank    Posted 27th Dec 2005 6:29am
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Merry After Christmas
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HitPerson   Posted 27th Dec 2005 8:09pm
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As far as Family Guy is concerned, I think its starting to lose its charm. This past season wasn't funny mainly because the plots are taking a back seat to random idiocy; That and they are taking up too much time per-episode just recreating scenes from older movies ('Little shop of Horrors' and 'Temple of Doom' most recently).
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