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Capt. T   Posted 24th Dec 2005 11:59am
L4Y Member
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Did all my posted screenshots dissapear?
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mad_ferrit   Posted 24th Dec 2005 12:01pm
L4Y Member
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Probably becuase you made a thread for each one.... It's called flooding

Try to contain them within one thread and you'll stand a better chance
Capt. T   Posted 24th Dec 2005 12:03pm
L4Y Member
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So what happened? All deleted or what? Even the Quoted ones? man.... thats preety Sh...!
Capt. Toiletbrush!    
mad_ferrit   Posted 24th Dec 2005 12:17pm
L4Y Member
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I think so mate... Wouldn't bother complaining either. In my experience it gets you no-where
NoClanFrank    Posted 24th Dec 2005 6:08pm
Post 1918 / 5840
Yes they all got deleted. There was no sound reason for you opening so so many threads. You started this thread:

RF Screenshot Contest

Please stick with that thread. If you need to add pictures and you are the last one that posted. You can't add another post. What you can do is hit the edit button and add the screen shots. Also please if you are going to add so many use the [thumb] method.

Merry Christmas
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D2k   Posted 24th Dec 2005 6:24pm
L4Y Member
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Mad ferrit and frank are right.

spamming / flooding isnt welcome on this website. For a good reason too, if you were at this site as long as i had been you would understand.

which this would be the perfect oppourtunity to suggest a system where you can only post one or 2 topics per 12 hours or 24.
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