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Predalienator_   Posted 25th Dec 2005 1:36pm
L4Y Member
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Quoting SkipRat
doh. here i am posting again. Maybe if you knew what was going on, and infact read the time of the posts you woulnt be saying that. I havent even posted anything "attacking" Since yesterday.

And anyway i have good reason to.
So please learn to read or something okay? cool.

And 2 threads is hardly every single thread now is it?
Before everytime and i mean EVERY single time i started a thread. it got closed because of this "boy".

So please dont start telling me what im posting and what im posting about.

if you posted news on cs source and pred posted saying LOL STOP SPAMMING I LOVE PORN. that would be allright with you then?
I mean doh look at his user picture! doesnt anyone care about this site anymore.

Anyway tagmaster i dont want to start having a go at you. I tried to Pm him and he just ignored it. Carried on being a idiot.
Even when i was staff he'd take the piss outta me. Nice to see the lil "kidz" are the ones that rule over this site, not long term members.

I never knew i ruled the site
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