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The_Doc   Posted 23rd Dec 2005 7:21pm
Stargate Worlds
L4Y Member
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My PC has a 3gz P4, with 512mb RAM, with a 256mb ATI Radeon X800, and CSS runs fine.

The min requiements are:
1.2 GHz Processor
DirectX 7 graphics card

But the preferred:
2.4 GHz ProcessorB 512MB RAM
DirectX 9 graphics card

My guess would be that you would need a graphics card with at least 128mb, and about 3 years old. But it's just a guess..
sobe    Posted 23rd Dec 2005 8:13pm
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I haven't left for my grandmother's yet! One more hour til I leave, and until then, I will go around the forums once more

HL2 & CSS can be played on a 32MB vid card... I wouldn't recommend it because the GeForce 4 32MB cards just don't quite cut it. You will experience gfx like the original Doom I recommend a 64MB card or higher running 300MHz core speed or faster.
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