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The_Doc   Posted 16th Dec 2005 10:09pm
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We have threads talking about what games we like, and was thinking that we should have one saying what TV shows you lot like. Mine are

Robetech (Macross Saga)
Ghost In The Shell: Stand Alone Complex
Stargate SG-1 <--- My favourite
Fairly Odd Parents <---- We are all little kids at heart
HitPerson   Posted 16th Dec 2005 10:22pm
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Mine would be:
- The Boondocks
- Stroker and Hoop
- King of the Hill
- News (Local)
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Predalienator_   Posted 16th Dec 2005 11:44pm
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I dunno anything good and i,ll wtach it and i watch Fairly Oddparents too That cartoon has nudity!

Edit:Fairly Oddparents has nudity in sime episodes
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LordSeafood   Posted 17th Dec 2005 1:16am
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I dont really watch TV except for a few shows
The GlassHouse (Aussie Comedy talkshow thing)
Futurama (Watch the DVD's)
and occasionaly the News
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sobe    Posted 17th Dec 2005 1:21am
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- Trigun
- Witch Hunter Robin
- Blue Gender
- Cowboy Bebop
- Full Metal Alchemist
- Ghost in the Shell
- Fooly Cooly(FLCL)
- Boondocks
- Wolf's Rain
- Samurai Champloo
- s-CRY-ed
- Neon Genesis Evangelion
- Futurama
- Family Guy
- Stroker and Hoop
- Stargate SG-1(old series)
- Chappelle's Show
- Viva La Bam(my #1 watched show)

It's funny that they are all anime except for 3.... <_< I don't really watch "shows", I like movies a little better.

And yes, all the anime are from Cartoon Network's Adult Swim.
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goober   Posted 17th Dec 2005 1:29am
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-The Simpsons
-Local News
-Family Guy (not much, got sick of them ripping stuff off the simpsons )
-alot of movies
-the occasional fear factor
-Sienfleid (cant spell)

that would be about it, i dont watch alot of TV, im here wasting my time with you guys alot
I map stuff. Sometimes.
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sobe    Posted 17th Dec 2005 1:58am
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I almost didn't list it, but Viva la Bam is my #1 watched show! lol
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Ranswer3   Posted 17th Dec 2005 3:30am
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I don't watch much TV but when i do..

Family Guy. <what i mostly watch.
Who's line is it anyway?
Extreme shows like Max X, and Most dangerous.
Jackass, and or shows like it.
Viva la bam.
Futurama (occasionally).
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Predalienator_   Posted 17th Dec 2005 12:45pm
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Oh yeah i forgot Smallville,Simpsons,X-play and Attack Of The Show.
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HitPerson   Posted 30th Dec 2005 7:16pm
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It looks like Adult Swim is putting my all-time favorite show, The Venture Brothers, back on the air. I thought I saw something about a second season in the works. If that is true, I'll be one happy camper.
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wrecks   Posted 30th Dec 2005 7:34pm
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Mostly an hbo junkie:
Curb Your Enthusiasm
Real Time with Bill Maher
The Wire
Six Feet Under

beyond that:
Battlestar Galactica
Arrested Development
and anything on The Science Channel/Discovery Times/History
Assaultman67    Posted 30th Dec 2005 7:43pm
Post 620 / 4376
Adult swim rocks ...

futurama (even though i watched pretty much all of them)
family guy
venture brothers
some malcom in the middle
Battlestar galactica (new one, slackers better get the new season going soon ,left it on a cliff hanger for about 6 months)
stuff on the history channel
crap thats on MTV like pimp my ride, etc
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MAXPAYNE4664   Posted 30th Dec 2005 8:00pm
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-The Simpsons
-Family Guy
-Some Malcom in the Middle
-Local News
-Initial D
-King of the Hill
-American Dad
-Late Night with Conan O' Brien
-That 70's Show
-South Park
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rfmaster_re   Posted 30th Dec 2005 9:55pm
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-jackass ( re-runs )
-viva la bam
-wild boys
-family guy
-south park
-the suite life of zack and cody
-attack of the show! ( g4tv-io)
-happy tee friedns and friends ( mostly happy tree friends though)
-harvey birdman
-room raiders
-dirty jobs
-accela racers!
-red vs blue ( dvd )
-The simpsons
-stroker and hoop

many more things but i dont think that much
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133   Posted 31st Dec 2005 12:58am
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-Jackass (I guess I don't watch it on TV anymore, I have the boxset)
-Real World (when it's in season)
-Nip/Tuck (when it's in season)
-Maximum Exposure

*reads list*

Man, I suck.
Duke    Posted 31st Dec 2005 5:15am
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Want to know my favourite TV show?
Well, you can smeg off, 'cause I'm not telling
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