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Mostertman    Posted 16th Dec 2005 5:22pm
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Hate it!
Love it

I dont want to vote, show me the results!
I was just wondering what you all here think of christmas.

Do you hate it, or do you love it?
sobe    Posted 16th Dec 2005 6:49pm
Post 1014 / 3194
Free gifts while still young

Of course now, I have beens tarting to buy gifts...... lol
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Mostertman    Posted 17th Dec 2005 11:07am
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Yeah we don't really cellibrate christmas with gifts over here, we do that with "Sinterklaas" over here on the 5th of december its something similar, and in my opinion its more fun.

I personally think christmas sucks! All the nice and (fun) family things. Juck!
Nah I absolutly don't like it.

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