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General_187   Posted 13th Dec 2005 10:40pm
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Submit your gaming artwork here quickly!.. I need some pix for 2nd period newspaper. Most anything will work. You have to have drawn it yourself or cite who did draw it.

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SkipRat    Posted 14th Dec 2005 1:24am
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General_187   Posted 14th Dec 2005 8:22am
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(You should know better than to react like this too, General)DG

Seriously.. Doesn't anybody have something that I can put into my classroom redesign a newspaper project. It's on Gaming! W---t

Some sections we have are..

1337 sp34k
Game Reviews
Jack Thompson Article
N00b of teh week
Game of the week

Etc, etc, etc!
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Mostertman    Posted 14th Dec 2005 5:19pm
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I made this drawing as a concept for a gun for the Simpsons project

I have drawn it myself

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