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D2k   Posted 1st Dec 2005 11:15pm
L4Y Member
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Turn it off!!!
Leave it on...

I dont want to vote, show me the results!
Ok,this is getting bad. I really feel like kicking the newsbot for EVE in the nuts about 100 times simaltaneously with both feet. The newsbot for EVE is out of control reporting every little bit of utterly worthless news happening in the "eve galaxy". L4y is a mod creation based community if i recall correctly and you cant even make any custom content for EVE at all. WHY is it even on the list of games here?

My point is why do we have a newsbot running for a game nobody here plays and has made nothing for? why why why!?!? its not MOD capable at all! the most i see coming out of that sections is wallpapers big whoop...

For every person that votes to leave it on, i hate you.
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sobe    Posted 2nd Dec 2005 1:34am
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I personally don't like it too much! It pushes the other new news out of the way...
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Pickles   Posted 2nd Dec 2005 2:05am
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I could care less. I don't get my news from the front page, I get it from the Portal Page.
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tagmaster   Posted 2nd Dec 2005 2:57am
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I said it before n ill say it again , the person that do those post (not to offend him)must be thinking "hey! the EVE Online webpage just made the horizontal line 1px bigger, it will make a great news in L4Y!"

For crhist sake just shut it down!
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D2k   Posted 6th Oct 2006 12:14pm
L4Y Member
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I have to resurrect this thread. i cant help it...

Kill the news bot. Its out of control. ITS USELESS and pushes out GOOD NEWS from the front page within hours. I only know ONE person that would POSSIBLY get the eve news from this site and thats joet. Easily enough hes my best friend from middle school. Secondly he hardly ever visits this website. Aparrently I don't get enough of this friggin game whenever i talk to him on xfire. I also have this site to constantly remind me of every bit of worthless news in the eve universe. *pounds head on desk*

make it stop... PLEASE!
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Garner    Posted 6th Oct 2006 2:09pm
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Ok. I dont like red faction news... I'll turn that off whilst I'm at it.

People read the EVE news. Deal with it.
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L4Y   Posted 6th Oct 2006 2:09pm
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This topic was closed because...

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