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Vidi44   Posted 17th Nov 2005 12:04am
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This is a spiffy thing someone posted elsewhere, and I decided to put it here.

Under Windows (as I don't have Mac), go to the Start menu, Run... and type "telnet". After about 5 seconds (if conn is slow), it will start playing. I haven't watched the entire thing yet (no desire to, and if it is the full movie (done in text-graphics) it would be too long for me to spend just reading (so much reading. Normally I like reading, but after about 20 minutes of it, my eyes burned because subliminally my brain had to constantly "translate" the graphic symbols (like !@#%$, etc) into a moving picture).

If you like extended "reading" (brain translating text-graphics), and are a huge fan of Star Wars Episode IV ("A New Hope", although more commonly referred to as simply "Star Wars from the '70s"), enjoy this "movie".
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LordSeafood   Posted 17th Nov 2005 1:34am
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Yea i saw that ages ago ... not the whole thing mind you. I was expecting it to be a really dumbed down version that took about 10 mins but noooooo i beleive its pretty much the entire movie honestly who would go through so much effort be pretty cool to say "i made that" though
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DVL_IAC   Posted 17th Nov 2005 3:17am
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Very Odd..
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SkipRat    Posted 17th Nov 2005 3:31am
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i got bored after about 2 seconds. But what other things have been done like that? kinda cool... hows it work?
mow123   Posted 17th Nov 2005 4:24am
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yeah one of my friends told me about that
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Terry_X   Posted 17th Nov 2005 9:05am
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rofl funny

Edit: watched whole thing (i have no life) thing stops before Obi Wan and Darth Vader duel or whatever
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wakey1512   Posted 17th Nov 2005 8:24pm
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Oh yeah, i think its darth maul

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