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yanchen   Posted 14th Nov 2005 2:36am
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70 or above

I dont want to vote, show me the results!
i personlly played about 30 games
Terminator20   Posted 14th Nov 2005 4:08am
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I am 23 years old and I have played probably 200 games at least. First game I played was Super Mario Brother in 1988. The latest game I played was the Fear demo! Amaising how games have changed since the 80's
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LordSeafood   Posted 14th Nov 2005 4:49am
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Quite easily over 70 well thats including all consoles, PC, the atari (hybrid between console and PC) and of course ARCADE!!!!
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Mostertman    Posted 14th Nov 2005 10:51am
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I guess i can easily go over the 400 games i've played thats with all the console game and PC games all together.
yanchen   Posted 14th Nov 2005 7:37pm
L4Y Member
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u guys are right i should of put like 100-200 and on
DarkCause   Posted 17th Nov 2005 5:50am
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....lost count but i guess i can say over 400 myself mostly game consoles and arcades and only 20yrs old and I hardly buy or play like I used to.

Maybe I can break over 200 more games by end of next year . Finally got my own paychecks coming sooon!!!
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wakey1512   Posted 17th Nov 2005 8:32pm
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Im 17 and ive played roughly 400+ games and they all started with the N64 and the SEGA ahh the good days...Now its xbox pc and the new xbox 360
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DarkFenix2k5   Posted 17th Nov 2005 10:23pm
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I'm 19 and have either owned or had regular access to every gaming platform since the good ole amiga. Sooooo, gotta be several hundred games.
HitPerson   Posted 14th Dec 2005 1:12am
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Way more than 70, between all of the consoles and PC. Also had 'SEGA channel' during its short life span (that alone was something like 50 games a month ).
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md_969   Posted 26th Dec 2005 1:04am
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im 14 and played at least 150 games....heaps of ps1, sega and xbox games
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superchip88   Posted 29th Dec 2005 4:37am
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Ive played at least...150 games, ive beaten about 60 of them...IM seventeen.
133   Posted 29th Dec 2005 5:25am
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I have played easily over 200 games in my lifetime, and I'm only 16. My favorite game of all time is "Zombies Ate My Neighbors" for the SNES.
MAXPAYNE4664   Posted 29th Dec 2005 7:30am
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I think i played more than 150 at least. I was a temporarly CSR staff member at Gamecrazy and i always try out as many games as I can when the store closed and we had to do some paperwork. Lol i was only 14 at the time too and I already knew how to use the computer they had behind the counter. That was last year....
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LordSeafood   Posted 29th Dec 2005 7:31am
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Zombies ate my Neighbours ... ahhhh i remember that game, you would drink the potions and become monsters and shoot the undead with water if my memory serves correct, must go find the ROM, oh and delete it after 24 hours of course
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