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Mostertman    Posted 8th Nov 2005 3:43pm
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I'm not sure if there are any people on here that play BattleField 2.
But i know i do, and the game is great!! I could recommend the game to everybody. but thats not what i wanted to start a topic about, i want to know if anyone that plays battlefield knows what the following things mean. I have put numbers under them so you can say what number you know the meaning of. I only know number 6, that tells me if the server has punkbuster turned on. anyone who can tell me the meaning of number 1,2,3,4,5 and 7

mad_ferrit   Posted 8th Nov 2005 4:42pm
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Number 1 = Server CPU usage (ranges from low green to full red bar)
Number 2 = Indicates what OS the server is running. The one in your pic means normal 32-bit Windows, but you can have a number 64 for 64-bit Windows and there's also the linux icon for servers running linux.
Number 3 = The big 2 merely indicates it's a game of BF2.
Number 4 = Shows that it's a ranked server.
Number 5 = Means the server is rigged up for VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) Which means players in the same squad can talk to eacxhother via headset.
Number 6 = As you rightly said the server has Punkbuster enabled.
Number 7 = I have absolutely no idea Perhaps it means you need a monitor to play There's a slim chance that this could indicate the fact that you can use the free-look camera when you are dead and before you spawn.

These are only my interpretations, if anyone knows any different I prepare to be stood corrected
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