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Ranswer3   Posted 3rd Nov 2005 3:20am
L4Y Member
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Just finished F.E.A.R. and i must say, the best sp game i have ever played. If you haven't purchased this game yet i incourage you to do so. The game play is incredible! Also the best ending i have ever seen in a game!

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Terminator20   Posted 3rd Nov 2005 4:14am
L4Y Member
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I demo'd the game not that long ago but that game seriously takes alot of resources man! I am currently running a 2ghz machine with 1gig ram and a FX5900XT video card. I was able to play on medioum settings with some things on low, but if any have played the demo than you know that you don't get to any good parts with lots of guys shooting you at the same time. So, my computer might not be sufficiant for medioum setting either if alot of action is going on! This is why I am upgrading next year so that I can play games like this.

Can you please actually review the game in detail? You know, cover graphics, gameplay, sound, music, multiplayer...Thanks
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