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tagmaster   Posted 3rd Nov 2005 1:00am
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Hi, has some seen this movie , i saw it yesterday and i think its just plain awsome, i would like to hear ur opinion about the movie
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LordSeafood   Posted 3rd Nov 2005 2:31am
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Yes i think its a brilliant movie and recommend everyone going to see this.

We can onlny hope they get the right english voice actors for the english version as the voices in the jap version are spot on ... except marlene (only voice that didnt feel right for me)
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tagmaster   Posted 4th Nov 2005 6:32pm
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Uhmm Im glad to hear that some1 is interested, because no1 has posted in here, i really loved it and the action scenes are just the bests i have saw in a movie , and the final battle with Sephirot is just awsome
Who dares, win!
-Cpt. Pliskin.  
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DVL_IAC   Posted 4th Nov 2005 8:57pm
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It sucked. The first movie was way better... This one was just to anime for me... They all had the big eyes, the crazy hair and the magic powers.. It was way to much like an anime show.
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Garner    Posted 5th Nov 2005 1:02am
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People say the first movie flopped.... sucked... etc....

But at least I wasn't sitting there for 90 minutes thinking ' CENSORED ???' as I was during this one.

Absolute waste of time/money.

Technology wise, very well done... pity the plot was something a 7 year old came up with.
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tagmaster   Posted 5th Nov 2005 6:32pm
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Well i can say that u dindt liked it , but i think it was cool because it storyline was a follow of the FF7 for PS1 , and yes it was like an anime movie but i really enjoyed it....

And i saw the spirits within, and i can say that is better that advent children, but i like the both of them.
Who dares, win!
-Cpt. Pliskin.  
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LordSeafood   Posted 5th Nov 2005 11:22pm
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I didnt really like spirits within ... to slow and drawn out for my liking.

Im more an action CENSORED and thats why i liked FF7:AC as much as i did ... o and it was from one of the only RPGs i enjoyed playing
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