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BoBo the Clown   Posted 18th Oct 2005 1:44am
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first game: DBZ budakai 2:
how to unlock characters without a cheat(i'm not a big fan of any kind of cheat)

second game: Final Fantasy VII(7)
what combinations to end up with a golden chocobo
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Ghostkid   Posted 14th Dec 2005 11:42pm
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first game: just if you finnished the game you would have alot of characters. and look at, there arent cheats to get characters, only hints...

seccond game: i dont know....
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Assaultman67    Posted 1st Feb 2006 3:07am
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why don't you go to (or some other game index site) and click on walkthroughs ... not cheats

this is completely off, but isn't a chocobo a chicken?

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LordSeafood   Posted 1st Feb 2006 5:34am
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A chocobo in FF is like a big chicken that you can ride.

I did know how to do it back when i played it but cannot remember now, sorry.
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