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DarkCause   Posted 27th Sep 2005 4:45am
L4Y Member
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I donno really waht it is just keeps telling me my dam rf.exe tingy is currupted or has a error i tryed reinstalling but its still there and tryed scanning computer and other stuff.

If anyone would like to give this a try please tell me what ya think. aint played in so long its almost unbearable. peace out rock on!

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Ugly Donkey   Posted 27th Sep 2005 5:11am
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upfate to the most recent direct x and or take some maps out of ur multi folder
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mad_ferrit   Posted 27th Sep 2005 8:53am
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Can we have the exact error message please?
Predalienator   Posted 27th Sep 2005 9:19am
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Did you bought a pirated version?
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D2k   Posted 27th Sep 2005 1:55pm
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why would you even suggest buying a pirated version? its only like 10 bucks now in stores (if you can find it anymore)... since i bought it though my rf CD1 got this tiny scratch on it and became useless... so i ended up getting the pirated version for the first cd image so i can reinstall it lol. since then my comp fried and was revived from the e-machines corp... so now im just borrowing a copy of my cousins CD1.

why am i saying this? well its 5:50 in the morning and i have insomnia...

anaways, reinstalling RF should not have to be done, you should just go through your RF main folder and delete all the .CFG files, they sometimes mess up forcing you to have to delete them so RF can reabilitate. The same thing happens with RED... Then again we dont know exactly what is wrong cause you failed to give us a error message. it could be hardware / drivers issues...
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DarkCause   Posted 28th Sep 2005 6:07am
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uh i paid for mine from walmart thank you very much im still working on it. i cant really give any detail in the error atm but ill give some screenies soon asap when i can ima reinstall 1 more time. check back soon.


should of read the 2nd from last post b4 i did better i already had it uninstalled few hrs ago o well ill try it out.

here some ss i took since i cant fix it

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Predalienator   Posted 28th Sep 2005 6:46am
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No i was asking if he bought a pirated version coz those problems are only on pirated cd,s i think.
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DarkCause   Posted 28th Sep 2005 7:42am
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Ok i noticed it aint really just RF but RED also im getting the same thing tho with Knight Online. I donno what is it really just annoying.

On the RF it happen when I join a game. In RED happens after I exit. it. Knight Online is just a bugged game period so i dont think it means anything to this atm.

If there is any systems scanners fixers that yall also suggest please let me know thanks.


Ok well donno if its the lag in the server just kickin me off and im thinkin my computer has about had it. ANd its like only almost 1yr old. Guess the stick of 512MB ram looks good as as it gets atm. Well if there are any suggestion still reply please thanks.
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Terry_X   Posted 28th Sep 2005 11:17am
L4Y Member
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Maybe having a little less.... programs..... might help
Ghostkid   Posted 28th Sep 2005 1:04pm
Invisible Kid
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this doesnt has anything to do with RF, but if i c your desktop:

if you clean your desktop and place your icons in maps or sstart menu, your computer will work faster !
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LordSeafood   Posted 28th Sep 2005 2:48pm
L4Y Member
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Quoting ghostkid
if you clean your desktop and place your icons in maps or sstart menu, your computer will work faster !

Really? how does this actually make your PC run faster?

And have you tried using another RF starter like Lazy Ban 1.3
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dankone   Posted 28th Sep 2005 3:09pm
L4Y Member
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did you try removing some of your maps from multi? i know someone stated this already, didnt respond to that part yet.
make a second folder called "multi-temp", and place any maps you dont play on a regular basis in there. RF doesnt like too many maps in your folders. also, look for any files that are 0 in size, and delete those. another thing to look for is any maps with really long names. RF has a character limit for map names.
now you say youve uninstalled and reinstalled a few times. my question is...did you do a "COLD BOOT" after uninstall? this means, not just resetting your computer, but removing all wanted files to a temp spot, and then uninstalling. followed by POWERING OFF your computer for a few seconds. believe it or not, this does make a difference in an uninstall.
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Ugly Donkey   Posted 28th Sep 2005 10:55pm
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the only way having too may programs would cause the error would be if on eof them was conflicting with rf.

also i got that error for rf for a couple of days on my old hd which died several days after having the error which makes me wonder...

and to seafood when u get rid of all the icons and dont use a theme that is all shiny and etc, your computer has less to load when going from program to program, hence it runs faster
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DarkCause   Posted 28th Sep 2005 11:02pm
L4Y Member
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Quoting LordSeafood
Quoting ghostkid
if you clean your desktop and place your icons in maps or sstart menu, your computer will work faster !

Really? how does this actually make your PC run faster?

And have you tried using another RF starter like Lazy Ban 1.3

yes accualy i did i thought i would try it out but i found not many ppl on the version so i went and took it off cause it wouldnt let me uninstall so i wen tin and deleted the files.

though im finding out this is not a RF situation afterall. Please HELP ME thanks guys

o btw my computer runs find by speed aint the best but still good. tho i donno where to put them i like the quick accese to my crap i never can find. far as themes go im not using one but the old win version type and not the xp theme and i made the background so it use even less ram *note my signature on bottom right* -.+
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Ugly Donkey   Posted 29th Sep 2005 1:38am
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the folowing is how i set up exe files as well as any programs i play, ignor the randomly placed icons i, v been busy and havnt had time to reorganize some recent dls

notice the lower left hand corner small mozilla, ie and ventrilo icon, thats the quik launch toolbar, just drag and drop ur shortcuts there and u will remove clutter from ur desktop, or notice the top right, u can place ur icons in a few specified folders and just go from there
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DarkCause   Posted 29th Sep 2005 2:07am
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OKOK i reagranged my desktop but its not fixing my .exe erros from programs should i make another post on this in a better location?

im trying the firefox again but its so dam slow IE is like 10 times faster.

seems some thing are slowing down again some even with a new look.

sorry i can show off my deesktop look because imageshack aint loading anymore for me some wierd reason hope someone got a better ideas.
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