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TimHasAnAfro   Posted 6th Sep 2005 9:55pm
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This would be a section mainly for maps and some mods.
I really enjoy this game and I would like to play some maps that others have made.


Also I could be an Admin if needed. I make maps as well.
[IMG][/IMG]    Modified Sep 6th, 09:56pm by TimHasAnAfro
mad_ferrit   Posted 6th Sep 2005 10:44pm
L4Y Member
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Cool, JO is a sweet game... I think I prefer Battlefield 2 at the moment, I never got anyone to go and play JO with

Do you have the Escalation expansion pack?

I have had a mooch round in the Nile editor, I like the way it simply generates you a shed-load of terrain and then you're free to add buildings n stuff after.... kinda takes the grief out of it...
MY RF MAPS    Modified Sep 6th, 10:44pm by mad_ferrit
TimHasAnAfro   Posted 6th Sep 2005 10:48pm
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yes I have it. My name is WFC-Pvt.Public or GSpecific-D.4.D-
I am fairly well known. i've played the game since it came out.
I'm glad someone else likes it.
Molodiets   Posted 7th Sep 2005 11:05pm
L4Y Member
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NO. Go onto ATN.
TimHasAnAfro   Posted 8th Sep 2005 12:48am
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what is ATN?

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