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ExoStatic   Posted 24th Aug 2005 6:42pm
L4Y Member
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Well, er. This is an RTS game from 1998, but it's VERY fun to play.

There's a full online community.

If you guys wanna check this game out:

Demo game = HERE
Full game = HERE

If you want any more info, feel free to contact me on MSN :
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Molodiets   Posted 24th Aug 2005 8:04pm
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thank you very much, Exostatic.
You're my savior. I'm a big fan of the populous series (having completed the first 2)but i was missing the third, despite my researches. Well i didn't know you could have it for free. .

As soon as i mastered the game, i'll be OK for a battle. (shouldn't be that long, mustn't be so different from populous 2)

EDIT:you have an Xfire account?
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ExoStatic   Posted 24th Aug 2005 8:17pm
L4Y Member
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It's my pleasure to have helped you out, mate. Xfire = exostatic145, but i RARELY ever go on it now i've pretty much stopped playing Counter-Strike

Ah, and if you wanna play it online/on Windows XP, you MUST install this patch. It's un-official, but I've installed it and it works.

Download it HERE
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