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OrnBine   Posted 20th Apr 2009 3:14am
L4Y Member
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Update and an announcement coming soon...
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avatarg   Posted 20th Apr 2009 9:07am
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quoting Mr burns


Very cool.
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RE Beta:  
OrnBine   Posted 21st Apr 2009 1:56pm
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Thanks for the comments guys, really appreciated.

evolvercobra, thanks for your suggestion but there wont be any face painting/camoflage happening.
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OrnBine   Posted 24th Apr 2009 7:40pm
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The Jenny Cesare character has completely replaced Mona Sax. By saying that I mean in both appearance and voice over for the entire game (except graphic novels, but I'll get to that later)

Carmine 'Pittsy' Gazzera has replaced Kaufman.

Barracuda has replaced Mike the Cowboy.

Putting in new graphic novels for the entire game is the next big job that has to be done since I've changed so much of the game now that it'd be stupid not to do so.

I'm undecided at the moment at which would be the best way to do this i.e. have the cells hand drawn, adopt the technique that was used for MP2 (photograph real people and photoshop the effects) or use a 3d program such as Daz3d or Poser.
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crimsonpig   Posted 25th Apr 2009 5:54pm
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Why dont you use poser with the ingame models and then use the Max Payne style photoshop effects?
OrnBine   Posted 30th Apr 2009 4:36pm
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Interesting AndrewM619.

Ok, I'll take out all the voice work. The voice actress for Jenny Cesare in particular, would be thrilled to hear that I binned her work which took her 2 months to complete just so people can be happy. I'll discard the story, script and other things Andersen and I have added and release it now shall I? Unfinished and half baked?

I mean, as you said 'most people would be happy' with a skin and a few guns.

Dont mean to be sarcastic but your statement isn't the most encouraging.

A release date is out of my hands. Depends on when the voice work comes in and the graphic novels are done.

Thanks for the advice crimsonpig. Looking into it.
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OrnBine   Posted 4th May 2009 12:51am
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It is a personal goal of mine but its not as ambitious as the Vampire Slayer 2 or the Starfox mod's respectfully in the regard of new levels, cinematics etc.

The things that I have done, and the things that are still in the pipeline weren't and aren't undoable by any stretch. The hardest part was writing the Punisher into the Max Payne 2 story.

Overcoming situations such as the Warehouse intro cinematic, where Frank grabs the squad car radio and calls for backup. Any person who knows the Punisher character would know that theres no way in hell he'd call the police or anyone else for that matter to help him out. So it was in instances like this where I had to get inventive.

Thanks for your comments and wishes though AndrewM619, you do make an interesting point. However, its down to the player at the end of the day, and it doesnt bother me in the slightest if they'll care about this/that feature or not. I just want to push it as far as I realisically can.

BladeDaywalker and davidjhobbs, thanks for the comments guys

Jax765, they are really cool models, but I've replaced them since those shots were taken. Are you doing the John Woo mod? I'd love to see some screenshots of it as I'm a huge fan of his Hong Kong films. If you're not doing that mod I do apologize dude.
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OrnBine   Posted 4th May 2009 3:48am
L4Y Member
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The M16A2 M203 in that pic is final mate, I'd like to position his left hand under the grenade launcher so it looks right but I know only enough to get a weapon in the game. But I loved that rifle ever since I saw it in Predator and Scarface.

Good luck on those exams and I look forward to your update!
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Andersen   Posted 8th May 2009 8:38pm
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Quoting antonferster
is this like.. done for? there hasnt been any progress sinse the 30th of April.

Thats like 9 days ago.. Do you expect updates every day?
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OrnBine   Posted 9th May 2009 1:33am
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Quoting evolvercobra
Another long story)

Erm, you say that as if you know something?

Pixel shaders are working for all characters, as I mentioned in 'Andersen's Model Post' thread. The characters look all the better for it as well.

All that is to be done has been mentioned before.
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canada_dry   Posted 11th May 2009 9:15pm
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....this has come a long way
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OrnBine   Posted 14th May 2009 9:30am
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Quite a few characters have been remodeled and altered in one way or another as you can see. I got bored killing the same enemies...
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OrnBine   Posted 24th May 2009 12:10pm
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Thanks for the comments, good to see you've done some reading up on the comics davidjhobbs.

I have to mention the fantastic job AudioElan has done in voicing Jenny Cesare. She does make the character her own.

On another matter. I was wanting to ask if any mappers out there would be interested in finishing off a map that Canada_Dry, the Punisher Mod creator, had started. Its a map that is in that mod but cant actually be accesed in the game as it was never finished i.e. has very little lighting and has no enemies to shoot at respectfully. I dont think it would take too much time to finish as it seems to me that a lot of the ground work has been done.

Hoping to get a reply on this matter, take it easy people.
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OrnBine   Posted 5th Jul 2009 5:11am
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I recieved about 120 or so lines of voice acting the other day and am currently editing them in when I get the chance. They are for Barracuda, the cleaner/mercs and mobsters.

Other than that theres not a lot else going on as the mod is pretty much done on the gameplay side of things. Its just getting the time to do the graphic novels, which ( A ) isnt easy and ( B ) I havent really got the time to do them at the moment. So I'd welcome anyone who's good at drawing or things of a comic book nature to have a go / apply.

But at the end of the day, I have to wait til ALL the voice acting comes at least and thats, well, when it comes in! Its impossible for me to put a time frame on a release date as its out of my hands.
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OrnBine   Posted 13th Jul 2009 2:43pm
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I'll add some more shots later, run out of time at the moment. What do you guys think?
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