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Trump   Posted 13th Feb 2006 7:54pm
Retired MCPO
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6 or more

I dont want to vote, show me the results!
I was just curious how many computers you have in your homes. I currently have 5. But when my daughter is home it bumps up to 6 and if you count the PSP and blackberry that has web access it goes up to 8. Of course, I mean PCs that are actually being used and not pieces of junk laying around for parts. (I include Mac's as PCs for this poll, so please don't start up that old debate).
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goober   Posted 13th Feb 2006 9:54pm
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Well, if PC means personal computer, then arnt Mac's PCs too?

i have like 9... my dad has 4 hooked up in his room, i have one, my mom has 2, and i have a few in the basement to work and experament on, and to host servers when i need them...
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Ugly Donkey   Posted 13th Feb 2006 10:19pm
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im running 4 laptops and three towers in my home, when my dad gets home from iraq it goes up to 5 laptops and three towers
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sobe    Posted 13th Feb 2006 10:41pm
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In total, I'd say around 7 built mid/full towers, also about 4-6 more not yet built pcs for storage, servers, networking, etc.
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Mostertman    Posted 13th Feb 2006 11:40pm
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3 PC's and 1 laptop

So I voted 3
cyrus5   Posted 14th Feb 2006 10:48am
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At home, I have my new pc, my old pc in the corner, did have a laptop but I lent it to my sister, and my flat mate has a laptop. Also one of my old pc's is still at my mum's place on solitaire duty.

At work I have a P4 2.8 for my main dev machine, another pc running host for my fpga board, and a funky texas instruments OMAP 2420 with an 'Imagination Technologies PowerVR MBX 3D Graphics Accelerator' for also for driver development (Shameless Plug for my company since I'm using their pc to write this!! tis a nifty lil' chip!). Our new one is even better, how would you like a mobile phone, with 3d chip, with a unified vertex/pixel shader engine capable of all the nifty shader effects, defered shading, paralax mapping etc, how about generating geometry on the fly in the shader, simply from throwing it a texture, uber sweet!! I think only the most recent geforce's (series 7) can do that!


Anyway enough with the sales pitch!
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The_Doc   Posted 14th Feb 2006 11:30am
Stargate Worlds
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I have 2 PC's and 2 laptops

1 PC is mine
1 PC is my sister
1 laptop is my brothers
1 laptop is my step-dads

Out of all of them, my PC is the best, with a 3Ghz processor, 512mb RAM, 120Gb HDD and a 256mb ATI Radeon X800.

Trump   Posted 14th Feb 2006 4:00pm
Retired MCPO
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Quoting goober
Well, if PC means personal computer, then arnt Mac's PCs too?

I would think so, but there are Mac people out there that do not think so.
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The_Doc   Posted 14th Feb 2006 7:56pm
Stargate Worlds
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Well a Mac is a computer and it is personal (yours), so it should be the same.

The only difference between the two is the software and some bits of hardware, thats it.
LordSeafood   Posted 15th Feb 2006 12:03am
L4Y Member
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ummmm hardware and software is all a Mac/PC is .. so if thats the only thing different then they are completely different
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SkipRat    Posted 15th Feb 2006 12:19am
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I got one. and its a laptop. but unlike you geeks i dont live in my parents basement or whatever

and cyrus5 that looks phat.
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Hapa Hanu   Posted 15th Feb 2006 10:21am
Mac Maniac
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PCs... Macs... meh... they are both computer platforms...

I have seven Macs and one PC in operation. I also have two older Macs waiting for my brother when he gets out of the NAVY then they are his.
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SKA-Diesel   Posted 15th Feb 2006 10:33am
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2 PCs, one laptop and another laptop which is lying under a shelf somwhere in my dad's study. I voted 3.
hA Warlord   Posted 15th Feb 2006 10:36am
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I got about 5, 2 that is hooked up.
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